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released November 9, 2010

All songs published by Kingdom Minded Records, LLC.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Red Ink Army Fort Worth, Texas

The Red Ink Army is a group of believers who strive to live out the Gospel daily.

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Track Name: A Dream and A Pen
Dream And A Pen

I am on a climb Everest
And I’m clinging to the King you can’t severe this
I am way up I intend to stay up
Three for the Trinity homie get your trae’s up
I’m on cloud nine but I don’t puff pine
Gotta share my heart on this mic and you my valentine
And it’s valid I’m red ink baby
Call me John Stewart cause I’mma die daily
Life’s like a daisy sprout then you gone quick
Patching up the lust in my eyes Slick Rick
And I’m quick with every single bar man
Witness in the jungle with the thieves Tarzan
Below par and the mark I’mma press for it
Throw your best weapons out front I’mma still score it
Got a new sound we going twelve rounds
Rocky mind set if I fall I ain’t staying down
I’m after the crown put them thorns in
And if you wish me well throw your coins in
I am going in renouncing all past sin
Walking down a path only treaded by dead men
And it transcends lyrics everybody teaching
No point in talking if my lifestyle ain’t speaking
The past year Satan hit me with his best blows
Had me questioning God Matt Lesko
I ain’t impressed though cause I’m still swinging
I see Goliath out front and I’m still slinging
Stones in my attic microphone addict
Got a full house with me you can call me Bob Saget
Started with a dream and a pen
Hanging out in crowds I wouldn’t dream to be in
The plane keeps flying the boy keep soaring
Still on my knees and the tears still pouring
I ain’t ignore Him but I thank God
A young sinner can be played in Ipods
From one coast to the next coast
Still drinking on His blood homie lets toast
I remember Christ forget the flashing lights
Proud gotta go down like my last fight
I’m a winner mayne all I rep is Christ name
Never been a blood but I rep that red letter gang
Yeah cause see we live by the red letters
Studying His words trying to find out what they tell us
So we apply it sin we deny it
The world is like gravity watch me defy it
Few men try it this road ain’t broad
Riding with some dead men looking like a morgue
Obituary reads by grace
That a young kid named Channel got to see His face
So I embrace this platted form
Clutching to my bible like a lucky charm
Listen I’m talking Jesus over everything
Match to my feet and I’m covered in propane
Riding on a different train far from Paris
Mrs. on my side I’m grateful for my marriage
Just when you think I ain’t have no bars left
Switched up the rhyme on the beat like Wyclef
Just a young chef cooking from the good book
Try apply the Word I aspire to be a good cook
That’s a good look I’m talking John 3
Young Nicodemus God helped me see
I’m so born again I’m so Terrence
Cause I’m a New-man with a new plan
Had passion now I got vision
Spirit on the inside guiding my decisions
Life is so stunning with the Red Ink
Everybody in the building Red Ink
Put your hands in the sky if you Red Ink
We talking words of Christ Red Ink
Listen, its red ink till I’m gone
And if you ain’t heard then let me put you on
We talking bout the words of the King on the throne
Greatest of all time no 2-3 zone
No poupon this is black or white
You either living wrong or you trying to live right
This fights like Cassius
I see the enemy roaring but by faith he won’t get past us
You rocking with the greatest of all time
Lyrical fruit come straight from the great vine
R.I.P. to my old life
Covered in red call me Old Spice
Cause sin has an odor
But Christ carried every single one
to the cross like a chauffeur
We like poker we love gambling
Sin is like Motown we keep sampling
Better watch how you teach
That fat lady that sings just might be deceased
He’s coming back just like a thief in the night
And I’m hoping I’m a thief with the way the boy write
Snatch em out the world like armed robbery
Matthew 28 without no apology
Disciples the Red Ink crew thick
Recruiting for the army this is more than music
Two years since Dare 2 Be Great
For the hardcore fans I’m sorry I made you wait
Now the crew thicker there’s a bigger picture
Red Ink earthquake we are off the Richter
We didn’t come for the cameras and lights
But like Paul we endure this fight, Rocky
Track Name: Lost Traveler
(Chorus-Drew Wilson)
Anywhere that you go
Any place that you know
Never, Never
Anytime that you find
When you fall and you cry
Never, Never
Out of HIS reach

I see the struggles I see your pain
I see your trials I see the rain
I see the errors I see your mistakes
But nothing's outside of His mercy and grace
Crown of Glory blood and nails
Pierced His flesh no sin prevails
To those who believe in Him, Heavenly Father
We thank you for guidance as we continue our saga


So we bow at the thrown and sing
you are Lord of Lords and you are King of Kings
Glory to the Most High reason why I keep on pressing
Reason why I keep confessing
Cause I'm falling so far away but I'm calling
Collecting my thoughts no jargon
Pardon, the criminal that I've become
Can you reach me despite all the crimes I've done
I keep on traveling


I paint a portrait Picasso, Pablo
Most of us lost like we talking bout the lotto
Paint on canvas oops I meant pain
erase the 't' (un)less we talk about the Name
Tree, Truth, Trivial
Wrapped in a crown and a robe like a sentinel
I read it, read it, nothing will exceed it
Put Him on a billboard He is no secret
He is Jesus, gown and the gavel
Judge to every man who gets lost in his travel
Riding down depressed street flipping down molested lane
Or ashamed drive homie I can see the pain
But don't stop and park cause the road is dark
But His grace is a light for you weary hearts
Keep on steering, His blood is the path to the Thrown
Road map for any path you on
We keep traveling, we keep traveling

Track Name: Family


Family, this is for my family
I write this for my family
Red Ink family Come on,
Come on, Come on
Come on, Come on

January ’06 when my homeboy mama died and the boy cried
When I realized we’d never see her again on this side
Then I think about the drama
Think about the arguments I have with my mama, time
No you can’t replace it
If I could take my heart out and cut and paste it
I’d share the drum beat with the world, kaboom
Listen to it croon you are now tuned
In to the blood that’s pumping through my veins
And it all comes back to the name
Risen and the slain, slain and the risen
Cooking up grace and mercy in the kitchen
It is my mission to get you to the dinner table
So we can share stories bout how my Father is able
To get us through the trials of life
No more rolling dice we can sit and share sound advice
Reminiscing thinking bout home
Thinking bout Christ thinking bout the Throne
Come on come on come on


You are listening to the sounds of a dreamer dawg
Take a million man army for that dream to fall
Cause we stand tall
On the faith that our Father will respond to His children we call
Listen, chess game I am in position
Channel Van Gogh paint an accurate depiction
We are on a mission with this red ink
Take the words of Christ until that red sink
Deep into your heart till it's marred with scarlet
We revel in the fact we were once all harlots
The target ignorance combat ignorance
Cause what you don't know ain't always innocence
And what you don't know might kill ya
Chasing after things that appeal to
This here life but life is short
Heaven is my home everyday I embark
This here journey I'm walking traveling the road less taken
Getting rid of my idols cause I ain't Clay Aiken
I'm for the King
This is my movie or really is it all a dream
For my family


Red Ink Army got the fam with me
Tha Messenger, Elijah and Blue City
DJ Nipsy and the boy Vessel
wrapped up in the truth like a pretzel
Cause we gotta let them know dawg
All about the Son no shadow for that groundhog
Yeah, and I'm talking bout Christ
Cause He is the soundtrack to my life
He is what money can't buy timeless
And He so cold I should check my sinus
Jehovah but I ain't throwing up a Roc sign
Burden off my back gone I'm thinking I can rock climb
I am lost in a state of grind
I enjoy working and family can't waste time
Dwyane Wade on em from the baseline
I know that's off topic but it did rhyme
Feeling like it's my time feeling so good
Young lumberjack the way I carry this wood
And I don't need Jesus pieces with diamonds
To do what Jesus say Simon
He's my family

Track Name: Paint the City
Paint the City feat. Elle Es


Said we gone rep Christ
Do it till we dead
Me and my crew
We gone paint the whole city red
Paint the whole city red
Paint the whole city red
Me and my crew
We gone paint the whole city red


There seems to be a real disconnect
Between the God who forgives
And the God who teaches us how to live
Discipleship ain't an option it's a vital part of life
Especially if we claim to put our hope off in the Christ
If Jesus is our King then that means we should submit
Building up our faith off in His Word until it's fit
Then we go and share His story that's the Great Commission
Build up our communities so we can grow as Christians
Biblical Van Gogh's cause that's where we get vision
Painting on the hearts in our city the depiction
Of what His Grace is what His love and His mercy like
Feeling like I'm J'son homie we some city lights
We Paint The City


(Elle Es)

I rep Christ not just my pastor in my church
Follow me I follow HImand not the passions of the earth
Like Cassius we're Clay we'll return back to the dirt
Until I pass away I rep Christ and that's my word
Crazy for Jesus you can call me absurd for the Gospel
The Great Commission made the decision to serve these lost souls
Repping the Kingdom not the culture I crossed over
Carry my cross over my shoulders so this is cross culture
Join the militia where we march by faith to cadence scripture
Reap pain in high definition so they get a better picture
Of Jesus Christ cause He's more than just a popular figure
More than a prophet He's God in the flesh you beg to differ
Over 300 fulfilled prophecies to preach on corners
Not of the Watchtower but yes I do witness Jehovah
Changing lives renewing the minds of these wretched pagans
We paint the blood of Christ making His existence famous



Great painters spend time on their canvas
Painting on the hearts of in their city no stanzas
Truth black and white no gray just pandas
So we can live Holy in the Field Evander
Share truth like its my last time to ever tell
Real talk on them Alexander Graham Bell
Color pastel that's that blood talk
And we walk in His grace you see His blood walk
And we stay on that John 3:16
Using the bible to get an accurate paint mix
Then we mix it up and we paint the city
I know you Red Ink will you go and paint with me

Track Name: Van Gogh
Van Gogh

No apologies live life with no regrets
I'm so over the circle no more pirouettes
Looking in my rearview I see the silhouette
Young kid chasing money diamonds and bagettes
1-8-0 I had to turn back
I'm from a hood where you played ball or slang crack
And when the dreams gone then the schemes on
Cause we didn't have no dad that we could lean on
So get your black mask get out and get cash
And never pay attention when your mama say you're moving fast
15 seeing rims on nice cars
Just the glamorous life of young trapstars
At a young age inherited peer pressure
So we walking the hallways and skip lectures
I was an A and B student focused prudent
But life was a nuisance
Yeah, so here's my two cents
That grass look greener over that new fence
I was a poor little rich kid
But I wanted what the rich young poor did
Young (and) morbid chasing that dream
All to find out it ain't all what it seems
So we spend our whole lives just to chase for
That green and I ain't talking bout Al Gore
Fame and power power and fame
The appetites of our hearts we can never attain
It's a shame how that money make us scheme
Got us chasing after things so we miss out on the King
I see the struggle in my own life
Got me riding through affluent neighborhoods
Thinking this must be the good life
Then it's back to reality I wanna be a man of Calvary
But lust is my fallacy
If we can paint our life on canvas like Vincent
Would it consist of fame big houses and reminiscent
Of a rich man this way of thinking's like a ditch and
We bury our treasures beneath the sand
Serving all is how you be great
So I paint through microphones with wisdom
And charisma when I create
You are listening to the sounds of a dreamer
Rocking shows on earth but heaven is my arena
All I wanna do is follow Christ
So I study His word like its the only way for me to live life
And that's the price that we pay for the Truth
The road that we travel is the proof
Vincent Van Gogh
Track Name: Soundtrack to My Life
Soundtrack 2 My Life


My life is movie
This is the soundtrack
You can hear Jesus
Every time that it's played back
Yes I'm a failure
Yep you can say that
But I succeed
Cause He is the climax
HE IS GOD (repeat)

Melodies of my life over kick drums
I try and stick to the scripts like a sitcom
But this is real life and I keep improvising
I got issues and struggles that I keep disguising
I got love in my heart I want the world to see
I'm young Barrabas though but He set me free
So I take flight on the wings of faith
And make it through turbulence on the wings of Grace
But my travels never cease I'm a pilgrim
Rest in His presence no need for a Hilton
My time is short but this road is long
I keep pressing forward like a rolling stone
Who is God that He needs praise
He created it all so He could marvel at His own ways
He's glorious everything He does is right
All my joy is in Him He is my delight


I can boast about the things I accomplished
But all those happened when I was only His accomplice
Let's talk about my failures I did em on my own
Let's talk about the King the Grace from the throne
Mercy and love love and compassion
Nails and blood all for my actions
War in my mind I struggle with the law and my sin
I wanna do right but evils always present within
And I just can't seem to capture my dreams
I'm hooked on sin like Kareem
If only I could walk this road
Living out the scripture and law in the way i was told
But I'm thanking for His love
Cause I'd be nothing without His blood
Said I'm thankful for His love
Cause I'd be nothing without His blood


18 years old with a pad and a dream
Of rocking out stages and souls for the King
Bought a drum machine started making beats
Built a studio and started pushing out heat
My first album was good if we talking theology
The beats were off par though I offered no apology
The Kid got better I stayed off in the lab
Till my songs were on point like a spiral from McNabb
He's God and you'll always hear me boast about it
Cause I'd stay on the ground if He didn't pilot
This plane that I fly on Lion of Judah
Call Him 12 inches He's ruler
I re-read the text like a tudor
Feasting on shots from the Word like a ruger
I'm just a failure He's the climax
He lives through me I'm a walking IMAX

Track Name: Rise and Grind
Rise and Grind


Wake up in the morning
Thinking bout His Grace
Rise up and grind
I ain’t got time to waste
Homeboy, that’s what I do
That’s what I do (repeat)


Thank God for another day to give Him praise
Cause like that hip hop producer I could’ve just blazed
Rise up and grind gotta hit the streets
CPR is what I’m doing to the beats
Gotta give em life by stereo JR
If it ain’t bout Christ homie it ain’t on my radar
Yeah, I’m a fighter of a rare breed
And do most of my exercising when I pray and read
Flesh wants me to feed temptation won’t succeed
Beat it in the ring like MJ Appollo Creed
And I bleed red like a blood donor
A lot of hard work and sweat and I ain’t talking sauna
Yeah, I treat my will to a life sentence
Every time it breaks free I lock it up through repentance
I’m like Vessel keep turning from the old me
Call me swiss cheese I’m trying to live holy



This little light of mine can’t shine without
Christ so I rise and grind call me bad brakes
There’s no stopping just me yielding to the lamb
Wake up in my daily bread ain’t no
Biscuits or no pancakes I know that Christ the answer
So that’s why I got my hands raised
All questions and problems were solved the
Day the Son of Man Came And I know Satan’s on
A rampage that’s why I fight the good fight
And it won’t be fought in nown cage so my time I
Can’t wait my master’s coming back can’t
Procrastinate my calender’s not marked
With the exact date we don’t do this for the show
Upon the grand stage we’ll live forever in heaven
So we ain’t trying to have fame the fortune we’re storing
up won’t be kept inside of land’s bank being cool
Is overrated we don’t have to have no fans mayne
Cause he’s the knife and I’m the jar His message is
The mayonnaise I grind and use the track to
Spread his word across the airwaves


(tha messenger)

Got my belt on truth firm around my waist
Breastplate kicks of peace and guarded by the shield of faith
Cause it’s a new era rocking salvation like a new era
Got my dagger with me its sharper than ever
Fully dressed so we hit the streets riding in the backseat
The King’s driving we dripping Red Ink
The whole army mayne’s is geared up
Focused with no fear in us
If they don’t receive us then we kicking dust
Homie, we just living as the bible say
Rising each and everyday but grinding in a different way
They put their trust in whips stacking chips consumed in titles
We lose our life up in the scripts call us suicidal
Status you can have it its like happiness
Satisfaction nothing like the Master’s everlasting gift
Jesus unblemished and forever true
Call us like a phone booth that’s why we do what we do



Each day the sun rise I rise and shine and then grind
For Christ to be made famous wake up lions yawn
Weeped in the night rejoice in the morning
My crew pressing toward the mark of a higher calling
Extra extra read all about it that my God’s sovereign
Able to forgive any sin you hauling
This paper boy delivers news any given fill in the blank
2 timothy 2:15 edit any mistakes
Call me speed racer how I love the chase em
No way I’ll erase Him no thoughts to replace Him
Squad are you as fed up as I am
Free agent signs long term contract no resigning
Study teach and most of all applying his letters
New camp old friends those bad ties he severed
Toiled in the word rain sleet whatever the weather
No need to be jealous we can all be his Cinderella
Track Name: Moonwalk

I be in my zone I be repping Christ
I know He get his shine through me like a diamond heist
Toasting to the good life we don’t need no champagne
We be drinking wine in remembrance of the lamb slain
High octane Nascar lifestyle
Reading John with our coffee like Green Mile
I’m living life avatar 3D
Dressed up in Christ hoping hoping they don’t see me


I’m on my moonwalk
But I ain’t Michael Jackson
I reflect the Son
Through my every action
What Channel talking bout
I know what they asking
Can He moonwalk
I do it through my actions

I’m on my moonwalk oops I mean my moon talk
Treasures up in heaven young Channel on his beanstalk
Jack on these boys like I’m Wesley
Living out in Graceland young Elvis Presley
Punchline rhyming I am on my Rocky flow
Feeling good tonight I may as well put on a show
All about my King bout my King bout Jesus
Red Ink Army no one can defeat us
But I know they see us squad up crew thick
Rolling with some renegades rebels ex-convicts
If you with me if you with me put your hands up
Tighten up your belt a bit to help you keep your pants up
We gone dance the night away even when the sky is gray
We gone moonwalk and let the Son shine through us today
I said we gone dance the night away
Tomorrow ain’t promised so lets thank Him for His Grace today


This dark world got our hearts cold
Sinful nature got our hearts cold
Self pride got our hearts cold
And we want everything that they stole
I’m on my moonwalk but I ain’t Mike Jack
Living in this dark world reflecting the light back
Gladly give my comfort up so I can share that that truth mayne
And everything I give up I know that I really gain
I don’t need a platinum chain I don’t want a Maybach
Would rather spend my money sharing
Christ where they ain’t heard it at
Cause see we parish cause a lack of knowledge
What we don’t know is like a gunman holding us hostage
That’s real talk yeah that’s real talk
Study the bible and apply it that’s my moonwalk
Yeah I reflect the Son I reflect the light
And it ain’t about me if it ain’t bout Christ

Track Name: Slave to the King
Slave to the King

This journey that I’m on homie
I’m feeling like Morgan Lean On Me
Cause I’m a Free-man but this roads lonely
When I walk by the flesh then I sin only
Cause I’m a slave to the King
And I beat my own flesh and this life is my ring
And I dream like Martin Luey yeah Martin Luther
That I will follow at all cost young ruler
Cause 30 pieces of silver might kill ya
Homie it might kill ya
Till the soil of the hearts of you money chasers
Trying to retire with a Mill-er Indiana Pacers
See I ain’t worried bout that doe doe
Baggin up and leave my old path Frodo
Look at what we paying for a tag or logo
Cashmere sweaters and Louis Vitton Polos
Yeah I’m up on that new new
No more dropping c-notes on that Lou Lou
See I’mma send my money to some missionaries
And I’mma so some seeds with some visionaries
And I’mma be more modest when it comes to me
This must be what it feels like to carry the tree
This path that I’m on got me in the zone
Got me thinking less about the stuff I want to own
Got me thinking more about the uhh love of Christ
Than the quenching of my thirst and my lust for life
Cause see this journey that I’m traveling
Looking in the mirror got my whole life unraveling
Hundred miles an hour I’m addicted to the fast life
To get to where I’m going it done cost me my whole life
I’m on fumes I ain’t slept in days
2am I’m in the studio giving praise
Colors on the canvas of my life all shady grays
Then I see the kids and the wife and see colorways
I’m all about that Son though
The way I carry Wood you should call this my Tiger flow
This a merge between theatre and good art
Cameras can’t capture the vision of a weary heart
So when life’s dark lights on my roadway
My life is Chris Martin-esque it’s a ColdPlay
New York Broadway city lights far away
Truth invading their hearts I’m on my way
And I know this ain’t popular
But I’mma stick my staff in the sea nautical
And walk right through the raging waters
Of this world trying to keep me in these slave quarters
And when you leave em don’t offer em no apology
Just tell em that you been freed from idolatry
Track Name: Rumble Young Man Rumble
Rumble Young Man Rumble

I don’t seen a lot of trials I done seen pain
Had my back against the ropes but I maintained
Even when the blows came yeah the blows came
Kept my feet planted firm in the one Name
Chasing money in my eyes cause the bills due
And my heart kind of cold where that Theraflu
Peer pressure on me too life swinging hard
But I keep swinging back cause I fear God
Rumble young man rumble young man
Stand firm in your trials its in His plans
Rumble wo-man virtuous wo-man
You are beautiful in Christ follow His plans


Hey you you think you can take me
You think you can take me
But you don’t know whose in my corner

I need you to see this lyrical exegesis
I’m dressed for the summer I’m in need of fleeces
Cold in my life yeah cold like the winter time
Middle of the summer spitting these December rhymes
Hard times got the boy stressing
Was a conman now I’m confessing
Jesus guide me through this
Your words got me popeyed and I’m facing Brutus
I’m feeling like Rocky I keep on falling
Gotta bury myself can you lend me a coffin
I know what its costing all I am
To find Grace in the Saviour and Lion and Lamb
I get up


Overdose on His word I’m a book worm
When I can’t find courage let the wick burn
In the middle of the night trying to find light
To endure another round in this brutal fight
Life’s tough mayne but Jesus is real
And this joy in my heart man I can’t conceal
Red Ink till I’m gone I mean every word
Defy odds no clovers Larry Bird
When the refs counting and the crowds roaring
And the pressures on will you keep going
Its blood on the canvas but it ain’t mine
At my lowest moment is when His love shines
Cause at my lowest moment is when His love shines
Track Name: Knockout

My words are like paint on canvass I spit what you should see
Get up and grind and quit thinking bout what you could be
I was in my dorm room way before I had a beat
And before I had a microphone I had feet
And how beautiful are they when they proclaim
Peace and salvation and that Christ reigns
Who else but His name great enough to break curses
Who else for me to rhyme about in my verses
I been purchased by the blood of Christ
And I don’t really need words you should see my life
Hustle for the Kingdom living by that Red Ink
Living water flowing through your boy and I am not a sink
Come take a drink you’ll never thirst again
I got some good news to take away your taste for sin
It’s a bitter cup that everybody won’t swallow
It’s a narrow path that everybody can’t follow
A lot of people confessing Lord Lord
But words simply repeated belong in a morgue
Show me where your fruit at let me taste from the vine
People talk about Jesus all the time
But are they really saved do they enjoy giving praise
Are they weed amongst grain purple haze
I’m working out my salvation with fear
And for you deaf ears Lord please let them hear
A lot of churchgoers but I don’t see labor
I don’t see them throwing jabs by loving our neighbor
Where’s your joy at where’s your peace of mind
Where’s that Jesus or die state of grind
Love and hate are like an octagon red sign
I take a stop for love but hate I don’t have time
Notepads full of rhymes rhyming bout none other
Than the greatest of all times I am His butler
Young Jeffrey I’m no fresh prince
I see my old life in the past tense
I’m working on my jab through the scripture
Hoping that my lifestyle paint a vivid picture
Of who Christ is and what it means to be disciples
He is my tower uhh no Eiffel
The word is my stamina good book
Left and rights and the boy pack a good hook
He is my staff He is my rod
His ways are my music no Ipod
A lot of people are like tires on hotrods
They will burn unless we get on our Steve Jobs
Bear fruit and I ain’t talking Apple
But don’t water it down we are not Snapple
If you are saved then you’re a new creature
But many professing Christians are like Hollywood movie features
Ether I spit truth homie please listen
Hell is full of people who said they were Christians
He will know us by the fruit by the way we live
Not the way we take but the way we give
Church going philanderers we’ve abandoned truth
We’ve abandoned the words given in our youth
Change me Lord I want a new heart
I wanna be worthy of entering Noah’s Ark
Examine my ways you know what I’m about
Cause I’mma when this fight by knockout
Track Name: 2am Music
2am Music

Sitting off in the studio writing and reciting bars
Hoping my words will heal many wounds and scars
Cut from a thick cloth sent to warm cold hearts
Studied under biblical Van Gogh’s and Mozart’s
Paul had it all then he had nothing
But through it all he kept trusting
Hard labor for the King will bring joy to some old bones
And will make atheist believe angels can roll stones
It’s the beauty of the Gospel laymen and Apostles
Sling a few pebbles at the colossal
Heart of young David faith like Jabez
Baseball cap over my Caesar Chavez
New era farmer no kinks in the armor
Showing love to my brothers like Warner
Musical conundrum I’m on a weird chase
Trying to create something that eludes time and space
This got that heavenly sound persevere another round
Win the fight just so I can hand Jesus the crown
Any pitcher taking mound I’m swinging
Home is where I’m headed baby this is my season


Head to the sky feet to the ground
Taking these blows round after round
I persevere I persevere
I persevere I persevere

Far out of the galaxy my mind is on mansions and gold pavements
But not this earthly wealth applaud with no amazement
Something lyrical brilliant with these punchlines
It’s a gift but I want you to understand the rhymes
This ain’t for fame or for any recognition
This a God breathed man moon mission
One small step for man but one huge leap for mankind
Erasing the colors no tan lines
My good friend still caught up in sin
Trying to get him to see life through a whole different lense
But here I go again trying to paint the world red
One color we all know Christ bled
The blood is where the life is in fact its where Christ is
Guiding mere men through his crisis
I persevere I persevere I persevere I persevere


I’m on my Johnny Cash flow I gotta walk the line
Hustle for the Kingdom till my clock chime
Truth bleeding through my rhymes I got a heart for my listeners
Faithful fans and parishioners
This is that charge up free with no mark up
Unwavering faith like a half ton dodge truck
But we ain’t dodging nothing peddle to the floor gas guzzling
The pieces of my life are so puzzling
Jigsaw living by the grace from my Pa
Perfected by His blood coupled with His law
The rain came pouring but I was under roof
The winds blew harder but my walls had root
The pain came swarming but I waited with some patience
For all these years that I built the foundation
Upon the word of God I can’t be moved
Others would have died walking miles in my shoes
But I kept persevering


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