Sounds of a Dreamer

by Channel

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released June 12, 2012

All songs published by Kingdom Minded Records, LLC.




Red Ink Army Fort Worth, Texas

The Red Ink Army is a group of believers who strive to live out the Gospel daily.

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Track Name: Shaped From His Hands
Now I've been dreaming bout
this moment for a very long time
If you seen where I'm from
you probably never
thought I'd shine
Cause I done been
through the pressure
I done seen a lot of storm
but it took a long time for
this diamond to form
I was shaped from His hands
grew up in the struggle
Mama said read daddy said hustle
All I want to do was dream
all I had was a dream
and I had to Cleave(s) to it
like my name was Mateen
School of hardknocks where
I graduated
Some died young I'm
thankful that I even made it
God was knocking on my soul
but I loved sinning
Grace weaving through my
heart like its fine linen
Big Mama used to make me
go to church a lot
But back then God's
Word wasn't worth a lot
To my heart and my mind
Its funny how they now mean
more to me than mine
Grind young fella keep your feet
to the concrete
Go hard for the King and
don't be discreet
I'm feeling like Martin if
they need a speech
Then I givem all my dreams
over every beat
Dream on dream on like
my name Stephen (Tyler)
If it wasn't for His Grace
I wouldn't be breathing.
Shaped from the Wood
made into the Cross
And a hill out on Calvary
I know the cost
Nails in His hands
man He hung and bled
My flatline jumped when
He was pronounced dead
So keep dreaming even
when life's hard
We don't live by bread alone
but the Word of God
A pen and a pad
That's what I was given
I know He gave you gifts too
Tell me why you living
A pen and a pad
That's what I was given
I know He gave you gifts too
Tell me why you living
Track Name: Red Letters
We so bout them red letters
Every day we go hard
Why they out here chasing money
We striving to know God
He came in the flesh boy
roaring Lion
and He made me rich too
no need to die trying
Hear me Zion
I said hear me Zion
They trying to sell us idols and
some of us been buying
This that Jesus or die rhyme
that Jesus or die time
Cause we still out here
breathing cause
He took heat for our crimes
Life His name up
That's what we do
I'm in my zone dawg 3-2
And it's by faith Hebrews
That I got that Living Water sea-doo
All this Red Ink stuff
They say we out of hand
We trying to build an army
The bible is our only plan
A couple thousand strong
We trying to reach a hundred grand
All my soldiers salute
It's time we take stand

We about the truth
Don't care what they tell us
We ain't interested
In what they trying to sell us
We about His Words
Bout them Red Letters
It's power in His life
Yeah them Red Letters
Red Red Red Letter Gang
Red Red Red Ink Army
Red Red Red Letter Gang
Red Red Red Ink Army

If Jesus said it best believe
I'll die for it
Since the laborers are few
I applied for it
Bring that rugged Cross
Yeah I carry mine
If the bible was a girl
I'd marry mine
That John 1 talk
They can't comprehend it
I'm a made man
but we ain't talking minute
I got that juice though
Like I'm Tupac
I spent my time with the King
Who got the same passion
Who got the same fire
Who gone give away they life
For the true Messiah
This is God given
Ain't got no room to boast
Any good I ever done
It came from my coach
I love His playbook
I love His every call
It's when I try and do me
That's when I lose the ball
I got the Rock though
Shout out to my shooters
I hope you ready for the pass

We about the truth
Don't care what they tell us
We ain't interested
In what they trying to sell us
We about His Words
Bout them Red Letters
It's power in His life
Yeah them Red Letters
Red Red Red Letter Gang
Red Red Red Ink Army
Red Red Red Letter Gang
Red Red Red Ink Army

Red Ink Army (repeat)

We about the truth
Don't care what they tell us
We ain't interested
In what they trying to sell us
We about His Words
Bout them Red Letters
It's power in His life
Yeah them Red Letters
Red Red Red Letter Gang
Red Red Red Ink Army
Red Red Red Letter Gang
Red Red Red Ink Army
Track Name: Renegade Music
I got lust in my heart
that I desire to kill
So I'm plotting on myself
so that I can build
A house of faith rather
than my own name
Cause when I try and build me
I end up with a house of pain
Renegade music I'm
going at my own neck
After the stars but I
ended on a different trek
Now I'm chasing Truth
in and out that vocal booth
Bible in my duffle just to
keep my mind soundproof
I'm still a failure on my best day
Thankful for the Cross so every
time some kid press play
I'm talking bout Jesus
like I know He died
And in His life is the only
thing I take pride
I ain't nothing without Him
meant it till the day I'm dead
And that's the realest string
of words that I ever said
Where my renegades
put your hands high
And give praise to the King
cause today we die


This that music
for the renegades
For the martyrs the
warriors and roads paved
For Jesus the Christ
the one who saves
Ancient of Days we
bow and give you praise

I'm gased up on that
Truth like its petro
I give em bars on top
of bars Death Row
I keep His wisdom in my
heart never let go
This Red Ink is off
the leash Petco
I'll die for every word
printed on His pages
This the type of dedication
that could garner praises
But my only wage is far
from the mouth of man
My mama told me never throw
the Rock and hide my hand
I'm authentic made shaped
from the roads paved
Of stripes from martyrs
warriors and renegades
I feast on their words
cause my soul need it
Paul Peter Mark and Luke
yeah my veins bleed it
Never let my circumstance
kill my dreams
And try and never let
self supersede the team
So I go to war till my flesh dead
And the outcome is a sea of red


I'm from a hood full of trap
houses and cocaine
Where you skip school to
be students of the dope game
In and out the same vein
I seen fiends hallucinate
I seen cooked crack
chopped on a dinner plate
I don't glorify the
pastilles my eyes seen
But to them boys in the
hood my life is visine
Picked up that basketball
stay on that hardwood
Then I went to college and
met dudes from
my same hood
Same struggle
different street
Same hustle now
We got different feet
Now we ride or die
for the lamb slain
This the type of lifestyle
beyond fortune and fame
Where my renegades
where my soldiers at
From the project city
streets and cul de sacs
We in one army and
we all recruiting
To our Commander In
Chief we all salute Him

Track Name: I Got One
I got one I got one
my whole team we got one
Red Ink we got one
Van Gogh I got one

Now I’m riding around my side of town
With my hat back and my frames on
Red Ink on my t-shirt and my wristbands
No chains on
New beat same song we
all about the Gospel
And how to live it out like
some modern day apostles
I be repping hard for my crew mayne
From Texas to Tulane and we riding
Around and we getting it
And ain’t talking bout 2 Chainz
My faith strong and my team right
Faith strong and my team right
And we serving God for LIFE (Eddie)
None of us can’t get right
Dishing out this insight on the
Greatest man that ever lived
While men die for selfish gain
My God he died to give
What you know about John 3
What you know about Luke 9
What you know bout discipleship
And fellowship it’s going down
We building a team of renegades
Covered up in that full armor
From St Louis to Arizona to
New York we like Kurt Warner
We speak truth we so bout it
Bout it bout it? Master P
Trying live how Christ would live WWJD


Super duper my team we
ain’t worried bout paper
We trying serve this Truth
Something like some waiters
We don’t need no whips to stunt in
No new shoes to front in
Cause all that don’t matter when
My Savior come in
I’m on that new flow that
Get get it that Jesus is King flow
That He’s boss Hugo
They say Channel all you talk about
Is Jesus this Jesus that
He is good He God He is this He is that
They say we talk bout what we value most
I guess I fit in that description
Cause while these other cats
Is talking racks on racks
I’m out here on my mission
And I be feasting in His Word mayne
That Red Ink gives me vision
And all these fairy tale money stories
I prefer some non fiction that's why


We Paint the City (reprise)
Track Name: You're Worthy feat Elles, Valencia Evans Davis
From the cross to the grave grave to the sky
We worship His name El Shaddei
Jesus the King we know that’s He’s risen
Keep our foot to the pedal gotta stay on our mission
Expanding the vision we making disciples
And spreading a passion for our love of the bible
We aiming with worship where my shooters at
Red Ink Army where my recruiters at
We worship the Name get our praise on
And stay close to the Son need some shades on
All day long we be grinding
If I’mma be great gotta put the time in
So we work hard and pray harder
Outcast by the world we some social martyrs
It cost my life but that ain’t enough
If we won’t die for our belief then it ain’t work much

You’re worthy of the praise we worship your name
Forever and a day we glorify your name
Your worthy your worthy your worthy of praise
We worship we worship we worship your name

Last time I checked
God is Jesus so you unbelievers change your mindset
While there’s time left
He’s worthy of all that I have to offer
Author of salvation He’s amazing and He conquered
Death hallelujah real life superhero no Buddha
We go Ludacris crazy just in case you’re new to this
Understand no one else is greater than the Son of Man
Who is Lord but you ignore His existence? Ummm Come again
So glorious beauty electrified
So glorious your love will never die
The Most High I breathe to lift you up
I know I can’t praise you enough
He dipped my heart in fire burned away the dross
Purifying my desires everything I count as loss
Cause everything I gain I give back to the boss
Worship and praise in my veins addicted to that Cross


Close your eyes and imagine God showing men compassion
While He sacrifices His Son to save us from our actions
He was beat beyond recognition all for my addictions
Now I’m a part of His eternal pension
All hail to the King of Glory the King of who?
The one who shaped from the dust uhhh me and you
Formed from the earth I’ll return again
But I give it all I got not to return to sin
It’s only His grace its only His mercy
It’s only His love without it I’m worthless
Go pass the surface of everything I see
Cause my life is much bigger than living for me
I carry the tree I carry the cross
I gave Him my life but it’s worth the cost
Now we paint the city ready or not
On my SAMO Jean-Michel Basquiat

Track Name: Half a Billion feat. tha messenger
When I talk bout the bible
Homie this how I feel
Love the Word wouldn’t
Trade it for a half a bill(ion)
I know He reached down
And He saved me
When I was wearing my
Own crown screaming praise me
Wanted the latest fashion
Yeah I wanted fame
Bout that cash money
Drake and Wayne
But something changed
When I was in my teens
Took my flesh to the altar
Gimme Jesus or give me death haa
Come I’mma starve without food
From my chef haa
Feast in His Words do it everyday
He’s my food network Rachel Raye

(tha messenger)
The Bread of Life got me
seeking what I now implore
Divorced from this world I
found joy in what I now endorse
I spit Truth in this system
that I’m passing through
Evangelist breakthroughs
bars over beats in the booth
The God crew gotta
get em ‘fore they decay
Entrusting this to faithful men
Run in it like a relay
They screaming blasphemy
cause they say its
just good literature
No Faith to believe it
gotta see it like a cinema
Excuse me while I spit atcha
Nope can’t keep my mouth closed
Treasures found deep in the Book
You can keep your pot of gold
All of that gone stay behind
Pray these dudes don’t die hard
Hid His Word down in my heart
That I might not sin
against the Lord yeah

Where I’m from money
is what we live for
Nice cars and pretty girls Gilmore
And they’ll kill for a
pair of Jordan shoes
Product of our environment
Raised from some tainted views
Now I see life from the
bible I got new dreams
I’m not a slave to my
fashion I got a new King
His Words I treasure
want em at all cost
Consider my time in
the scriptures at no loss
But much gain when
I value His Name
And my whole life is bout
giving it proper fame
Jesus I’m in at all measure
It’s your Word in my heart
That is my greatest treasure
Track Name: Sounds of a Dreamer
I could’ve died in my mothers womb
They were screaming abortion
I’m glad she blocked out all that
Noise to my great fortune
I was predestined for the struggle
An ace off in my hood all I learned
To do was hustle
From the crevice of the ghetto
The Lord had a plan
On that Eminem and Dido
He let my dreams Stan(d)
Fight through this cold (cole) world
But this ain’t like Jermaine
But its more like my setbacks
Trials and my pain
This the sounds of a dreamer
Voice for the hopeless
Hoping that the blind will stumble
And take notice
Of a dead man rapping from
The bottom of his soul
And the Words from a savior that
Could never grow cold
I was 18 years old with
A pad and a dream
Now I’m 28 still recruiting for
My team
I’m a fiend for the scripture
Rejoicing in His Words
They gas up my feet
I rejoice at His verbs

This the sound of a dreamer
Sound of a dreamer
Sound of the noise from a
Crowded arena screaming aaayyy
We just lift His Name high aaayyy
We just lift His Name

I’m hearing voices in my head
Told me quit rhyming
But I live and breath music
It’s in God’s timing
Dropped Dare 2 Be Great
That album was classic
Then I dropped Rocky and
They seemed to look past it
Brilliant lyrics beautiful pain
Immutable struggle its deep
In my veins
I’m calling His name
I’m feeling weak
And this music thing is
Looking real bleak
But they kept hitting me
On the text
Channel what’s next
Then I started seeing all the people
That God had blessed
Through my tablet my
Passion for His Glory
A sweet smelling sound bout
My savior and His story
This that life music lyrical Louie V
High end rhymes
I display em for the world to see
What you jamming
That Jesus music
And I dream they love His
Words more than I do


Jesus greatest name I ever heard
Put it on my life I’m infatuated with His Words
March to His drums dance to His sacrifice
While we were screaming murder
He was giving us life
It’s pumping in my veins
(do) you know what His blood bought
every single sin we ever made was
with Him at the Cross
the pain and affliction
the muscle in His mission
when I’m weak and can’t see it
then His voice gives me vision haaa
who gone stop me haaa
that’s what hova said but the true
Jehovah will still be here when
Me and hova dead
In fact I’m feeling like I’m Kanye West
Got a few choice words gotta get em
Off my chest haaa
I watch the throne its lovely ain’t it
And Christ is on it that’s how I paint it
This world is hostile real hostile
When you see us in your hood
We came to crash the Gospel


It's the sounds of my dreams
Track Name: Rock On feat Young Rebel
This the sound of your brain on scripture
We gone paint Jesus hope you get the picture
Sounds of a dreamer never stop dreaming
Cause any given Sunday you can win Willie Beamen
This that hope music super dope music
The bible ain’t a drug but I condone you use it
OD on it OT on it spin some overtime reading
That’s how we on it
Red Ink a movement of believers
Living out the Gospel and every word of Jesus
We ain’t perfect though I ain’t claiming that
But its by His grace that I’m aiming at
The mark of a higher calling calling
I ain’t MJ but we baliing balling
Music of a movement life in your headphones
I’m reborn like Jason – Treadstone

Praise Him all day worship all night
Even when it rain we gone still shine bright
Rock on
And we don’t need no guitars
Rock on
Cause we like them guitars

Red Ink in the building you know how we do
We rep a Fabolous God DJ Clue
Fresh up out the zoo yeah we untamed
Trying to converse this Truth like we in Taylor Gang
But we some bad boys they say we sound French (Montana)
Cause we talking bout a King who don’t make sense
Or make dollars they say we funny
They rather follow Lil Wayne and get young money
They wanna be the boss of their own life
But It’ll cost a Meek Mill Maybach price
Heaven or hell tough struggle
Do I chase the king or grand hustle
Like I’m T.I. hope the world see why
Life is more than dollar bills ain’t talking G.I.
Red Ink music this the sound of it
We going in for the King hate it or love it


(Young Rebel)
Track Name: Keep Ya Head Up (Ode to Tupac)
It’s gone get a lil brighter like Tupac said
And some say he’s back but Tupac’s dead
Jesus died on the Cross and like Tupac bled
And gives life through the
scriptures that Tupac read
So run with me no Hail Mary though
And fight through the rounds of life
No merry go
Concrete jungles hardknock lifer
One man band this that hard Rock cypher
I do it for the fighters I write for the dreamers
I write for the crowds who be hype in arenas
Screaming out Jesus do it to the death of me
I’m so about His Name
like the worlds about celery
chasing my green but I be chasing my King
the feeling is monumental this
a much bigger dream
This is Martin Luther King in your speakers
Urban theologians we some modern day teachers
Red Ink

Graveyards full of dreams that we aint gone see
So I don’t entertain thoughts but what I ain’t gone be
I’mma be great just like He said I’d be
And I rumble in the jungle like a young Ali
This for the bloods and crips its time we put the guns down
We all kings we just fighting over the wrong crowns
I want the one that was made out of thorns
Cause He laid down His life for the pawns
True kings even serve they own enemies
And trust the Word of God as they only remedy
Aint no other words for us to live by
So we read through the scripture instead of getting high
Keep your head up if you fed up with cancer and bills
Cause neither seem to let up
Just keep pressing on everyday grind on
Cause even when it storms true believers still shine on

This for all the mothers trying to raise kids
And teenagers who making it through divorces
And those clinging to their very last dime
Searching for a hot meal though its been hard to find
I’m just a voice of hope from the Most High
I know He seem far away but He’s close by
Just keep your head up we gotta pray more
This world try and knock us down but He came for
Everybody in the struggle who been going through pain
And you been dealing with the stress of life haaa
But just call on His name
Jesus the one who came down and died
And raised from the grave so that we could have life
There ain’t a price more greater a hope now or later
Than the Son who would embrace us as a savior

Keep ya head up
Track Name: Out of Texas
We like it slowed down know’m talking bout
Like it slowed down know’m talking bout
Like it slowed down know’m talking bout
It’s that Jesus music that Red Ink music

Straight up out of Texas you know how we do it
We going in for Christ then you know we chop and screw it
Yeah we chop and screw it you know we chop and screw it
All the way in Texas yeah that’s how we do it

You know how it’s going down
We be all about His Name
Way down here in Texas
We are so unashamed
Of everything we living for
Jesus in my deck
Ain’t know other way that
I can flow
All about His Name bout His Name
We can cut the show
If you ain’t heard of Christ then
This life ain’t worth living for
And we so focused on our grind
That if it ain’t about my savior then
You know we ain’t got time
And we gone shine and bring that light
Cause everything about my life
Is all tangled up and twisted
In the words of Jesus Christ
Don’t give me praise
I ain’t worthy that glory
All we do is share His Story
Recruiting for the army till
The day I’m dead
Give my heart over these beats
I bleed red ink


I can’t live without Him
Everyday I need grace
I’m thankful that he came down
And took death in my place
He was bruised for my sins mayne
Beat for my iniquities
I wish I could express it better
In every single soliloquy
Cause He came down with no crown
And took mine with thorns in it
He’s was perfect with no sin while
The rest of us was born in it
I’ll die for Him that’s real talk
Die for Him that’s real talk
Laid down my life for Him
Outline it in chalk
I got G with got E with me
Red Ink that’s my crew
Tate riding Slimz rolling
They all ride or die too
If you could see life from my view
You’d know why I’m a renegade
Was in debt condemned to death
But Christ came and it’s been paid
It’s been paid?
Yeah potna its been paid
My old life and my new life it’s
On the scales and its been weighed
I live for something bigger
Live for something greater
His Name is Jesus and I’m
All about my savior


We like it slowed down know’m talking bout
Like it slowed down know’m talking bout
Like it slowed down know’m talking bout
It’s that Jesus music that Red Ink music
Track Name: Fish Tanks
Took a while to get here
They say we done came up
I say we been at war
Trying to lift His Name up
We be on the frontlines
That’s where they shooting at
And we ain’t scared to die fam
Cause that’s where we recruiting at
We done fought through wars
Now we on the map
What’s that Christian music?
But it sound like rap
They dying for His Name
So the least that I can do
Is put Him over beats
I ain’t worried bout sales mayne
I’m more concerned about impact
Prepping for this war daily
So we make it back home intact
Pop culture we in that
Super dope we been that
Won’t compromise our faith
Dirty best believe I meant that
Trayvon gone now we ain’t gone stop
Cause we a voice for the
Lost and the have nots
All these sharks swarming
I see em coming
I know they smell blood
But we ain’t running

We paint the city for His Glory mix paint
I’m seeing through the struggles fish tanks
All these sharks try and stop us but they can’t
Cause all we do is keep changing big banks
I’m seeing through these struggles fish tanks
All these sharks try and stop us but they can’t
We paint the city for His Glory mix paint
Cause all we do is keep changing big banks

I was lost now I’m found
Got rid of my old crown
Traded in my mellow flow
For a more aggressive new sound
My vocals needed some thorns in it
Every track got blood on it
The voice of the martyrs
Speak out from the grave on these sonnets
Stephen stoned phillip killed
Both died for the Lord on the battlefield
I said Stephen stoned and Phillip was killed
And they died for the Name full of zeal
Rose growing in concrete we grew up in a hard place
Spat on persecuted but kept pursuing Him with grace
Display in His art case
Super glad that He saved me
Everything that I been through
Ain’t know way to persuade me
That He didn’t die and raise up
Hold up one minute
I see through em like glass tanks
I can see the fish in it
He didn’t die and raise up?
Hold up one minute
I see through em like glass tanks
I can see the sharks in it

Track Name: Draw Nigh feat Stevina Wyatt
Started in my early teens it was
hustle hard and chasing green
Mama told me to never steal had
To go get it by any means
I had hoop dreams rap dreams
On that karaoke all
night when I was 15
I wanna show the world the
Struggles that I’ve seen
And how the Words from my
Savior gave me visine
I’ve been dreaming for a long time
Champion in my own mind
All from His grace mayne
No major label or co-sign
My team we so underrated
Always been underdogs
Trying to stay low and see
The Son we something like
Some groundhogs
And we love the Gospel
Cause He’s so Heaven sent
Took me out the slums
Now I’m a testament
And I’m dreaming dreaming
Everyday I’m dreaming
Crutched up on that Truth mayne
Everyday I’m leaning
And I’mma die one day
But before I’m gone
I wanna train my babies
On how to make it home
I wanna rock these shows
And giveaway my art
And giveaway my songs
Cause they from my heart
Lord knows I was sent to men
To inspire dreams
from my pad and pen

Draw nigh to God
He wants you to come home
He’ll never leave you alone
There’s still room at His throne
For you for you for you
So draw nigh to God God God

it all started with a dream and a pen
but I had my doubts could I
ever overcome these trends
gotta lose myself if I ever really
want to win
Acting like its all good
But I was a thespian
Still caught up in the praise of men
But He gave me a dream
Martin Luther live for the King
No not Koopa
We talking bout Christ
Yeah He’s ruler
Immanuel yeah He’s ruler
And He died upon that Cross
Upon that tree
Once blind but now I see
A lot of pain and a lot of hate
And a lot of stress that was
Stopping me
But I fight through it all
Even when live gets hard
Then I ask myself
Do I really trust in God
With all my heart with all my mind
With all my soul with all I got
I sacrificed my old
Life for Him now He’s all I got
Shaped by His testaments
Every word old and new
If I could take my heart out and
Show the world what we been through
I bleed red I see red I work to lead
Like He led I’m cut from a different
Cloth I’m covered up in the
King’s threads


see I live for the Name
everything I do yeah I do for the Name
Gotta lose myself cause I be attracted to fame
And I be getting caught up
In what I can gain
At times I’m selfish mayne
But I keep that Word off in my deck
Truth off in my pocket
Forget about that money
This ain’t bout my wallet
I’m working on my legacy
Something bigger something brighter
Great servant great leader
Great father greater writer
Can I inspire your dreams
Inspire your dreams
Dig in the scriptures and
By any means
Work hard for the King
Press on we hardknocks
No time to waste mayne
I’m going in till my heart stops
Said I’m going in till my heart stops
Going in till my heart stops
Never let the world
Tell you what you are not
We are the Red Ink
We are what Christ said
Renegade to the world
Worship God till I’m dead


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