We're An Army (single)

by Red Ink Army

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released December 15, 2010

We're An Army feat. Drew Wilson
Written by: Timothy Dixon, Gabriel Moore, Stephen Smalley, Elijah Glenn, Drew Wilson
Performed by: Channel, tha messenger, Vessel, Elijah, Drew Wilson
Produced by: Channel for Trakaday Productions
Mixed and Mastered at the KMR Soundlab



all rights reserved


Red Ink Army Fort Worth, Texas

The Red Ink Army is a group of believers who strive to live out the Gospel daily.

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Track Name: We're An Army feat. Drew Wilson
We're An Army


The Red Ink is an Army
The Red Ink is an Army
I live for the Red Ink
Die for the Red Ink
Live for the Red Ink
Die for the Red Ink
Live for the Red Ink
Die for the Red Ink
Cause we're an army
We're an Army


See Red Ink is an Army of soldiers recruiting
Covered in that bergundy blood tell me whose in
If you with me get your trey's up way up
Three for the Trinity everyday prayed up
I walked the fine line between love and hate
Love God hate sin same thing different day
There's a different way
So let me take you down His street cause you will never catch me on broadway
I'm in broad day with this red on
A bunch of soldiers with me that He done bled on
And we stand strong in the Lord and His might
keep that full armor on ever time we stand and fight
We are not alike I will die for this
Studying the Words of historical anthropologists
So if you with me then pick up that Cross
And together we can go and reach the lost
Soldier Salute


(tha messenger)

We rep the Red Ink Army we don’t need fatigues
If we blend in how would sinners would be intrigued
To believe in the Christ, man they been deceived
We call it casket livin', they’re going underneath
This world keeps Him in a box like an old Caprice
We gotta get the message out like a press release, Aaayyy!
We’re an army of believers, born heathens
Now we’re seeking Jesus, He made us new Creatures
Let’s get back into this army talk, we can’t walk like civilians walk
We’ve been found and bought, He calls us seasoned salt
So we exalt the Lord
Who took more wood than boards
The Red Ink is drenching, dripping, slipping from our swords
It’s like the blood of Christ, its aiming at your heart
Will you receive the Light or breathe in the dark
It’s not just an army, more like a movement
But we can't rep Him by ourselves fam we’re all included



Atten' hut! This is bootcamp, so be sure you got your boots strapped. (Woo!)
You see this Red Ink not just a rap group man,
But it's a movement campaigning for the truth (yeah).
We ain't here to do jams, trying to get some new fans,
see this Commission is Great we here recruitin'.
Lookin' for a few men women and children who can,
Stand for the truth that's written in the blueprint.
Actually its a Red font Jesus is the True Print.
So check this, if you'll plant this Word in your heart from the start and you let it take root then,
you're too a member of the Red letter troop (yeah).
Yo if you're Red Ink hands up,
Stop sittin' on the job clock in it's time to stand up.
As a child I thought and did as child, now that I'm grown I must get out this zone and man up. Ten' hut!

(Elijah Outro)