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released May 31, 2012

Published by Kingdom Minded Records, LLC




Red Ink Army Fort Worth, Texas

The Red Ink Army is a group of believers who strive to live out the Gospel daily.

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Track Name: Renegade Music
I got lust in my heart
that I desire to kill
So I'm plotting on myself
so that I can build
A house of faith rather
than my own name
Cause when I try and build me
I end up with a house of pain
Renegade music I'm
going at my own neck
After the stars but I
ended on a different trek
Now I'm chasing Truth
in and out that vocal booth
Bible in my duffle just to
keep my mind soundproof
I'm still a failure on my best day
Thankful for the Cross so every
time some kid press play
I'm talking bout Jesus
like I know He died
And in His life is the only
thing I take pride
I ain't nothing without Him
meant it till the day I'm dead
And that's the realest string
of words that I ever said
Where my renegades
put your hands high
And give praise to the King
cause today we die


This that music
for the renegades
For the martyrs the
warriors and roads paved
For Jesus the Christ
the one who saves
Ancient of Days we
bow and give you praise

I'm gased up on that
Truth like its petro
I give em bars on top
of bars Death Row
I keep His wisdom in my
heart never let go
This Red Ink is off
the leash Petco
I'll die for every word
printed on His pages
This the type of dedication
that could garner praises
But my only wage is far
from the mouth of man
My mama told me never throw
the Rock and hide my hand
I'm authentic made shaped
from the roads paved
Of stripes from martyrs
warriors and renegades
I feast on their words
cause my soul need it
Paul Peter Mark and Luke
yeah my veins bleed it
Never let my circumstance
kill my dreams
And try and never let
self supersede the team
So I go to war till my flesh dead
And the outcome is a sea of red


I'm from a hood full of trap
houses and cocaine
Where you skip school to
be students of the dope game
In and out the same vein
I seen fiends hallucinate
I seen cooked crack
chopped on a dinner plate
I don't glorify the
pastilles my eyes seen
But to them boys in the
hood my life is visine
Picked up that basketball
stay on that hardwood
Then I went to college and
met dudes from
my same hood
Same struggle
different street
Same hustle now
We got different feet
Now we ride or die
for the lamb slain
This the type of lifestyle
beyond fortune and fame
Where my renegades
where my soldiers at
From the project city
streets and cul de sacs
We in one army and
we all recruiting
To our Commander In
Chief we all salute Him