Pain of Haiti (single)

by Channel

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    Pain of Haiti is a tribute song to the catastrophe of January 2010.




released January 12, 2008

Pain of Haiti
Written By Timothy Dixon
Performed by Channel
Produced by Channel for Trakaday Productions
Recorded and Mixed at the KMR SoundLab



all rights reserved


Red Ink Army Fort Worth, Texas

The Red Ink Army is a group of believers who strive to live out the Gospel daily.

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Track Name: Channel - Pain of Haiti
Haiti, Haiti, Haiti
I feel your pain (I feel your pain)
The Name (we gotta call)
The Name

[Channel] - Verse 1

Bodies are piled, streets are covered with (with)
Blood that's shed, shed from the slain
Shed from the name, I see the pain
Call on the Name, we gotta call on the Name
He is Jesus, Truth and the Light
One who paid the price, One who gave His life
Buildings collapsing, children are grasping
Yelling for parents but the response is absent
Hope is fading, surrounded by death
Watching your best friend, breathe his last breath
The Time is now, if we say we're Christians
Can't get caught sleeping gotta be in position
It's our mission to reach the globe
I know we been thru a lot but need resilience as Job
We pray thru the bad, lift Him up in the good
For me its a privilege to carry the Wood (Jesus!)

[News Clip Interlude]

[Channel] - Verse 2

From the rafters and rooftops
People dying over needs hear the gunshots
The blood cries out from the grave
sleeping outside cause the roofs might cave
Praise, continue to praise
Sin is not my master, no longer a slave
So I write for the souls who lost their voice
And I write for the brethren who made that choice
To give of their time and their money for the cause
To help those in need to rebuild the walls
It's the call for the Believers, in Christ, the Believers
to share what we got so that some will see Jesus
Haiti, Jesus, Haiti, Jesus,
Haiti, Jesus, Haiti, Jesus
Haiti, He's Jesus, Haiti, He's Jesus
Haiti, Jesus, He's Jesus

[News Clip Interlude]

Haiti, Haiti, Haiti
I feel your pain
The Name (we gotta call)
The Name