Dare 2 Be Great

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released June 13, 2009

All songs published by Kingdom Minded Records, LLC



all rights reserved


Red Ink Army Fort Worth, Texas

The Red Ink Army is a group of believers who strive to live out the Gospel daily.

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Track Name: Christ Over Beats feat. Blue


We gone raise up Christ
Take Him to the streets
Feast in His Word
Then we put Him over beats
I Say we raise up Christ
Take Him to the streets
Feast in His Word
Then we put him over beats


I got my track shoes on and I’m sprinting for the finish line
Life’s a pursuit so everyday I’m on the grind
Seeking the Christ chasing the truth
Cause why else would I need this microphone and this booth
I’m convinced that this generation dying away
Cause we living for ourself but self decays
Ain’t nothing on this earth gone last
But we too busy trying to get doe and trying to stack up cash
Ain’t nothing wrong with money don’t get me wrong
It’s when we fall in love with it is when we get on
The wrong path and we gone face wrath
If the sky cracks open and that trumpet goes blast
Jesus, please use my voice
To brag about you and not that new Rolls Royce
My redeemer all that I need is you
If you live inside of me then I’m a one God crew



Self deceivers men pleasers and God haters
Thespians lesbians broadwayers
Pleasure lovers friend seekers truth evaders
Backbiters liars covetous neighbors
Sin with no conviction faulty foundation
Cracks in the ground floor pseudo-salvation
Lying at the altar at the altar lying
Seeds with no fruit yo where’s the children of zion
Fake preachers false doctrine false converts
Ditch diggers blind men leading a blind church
Compromisers Judaisers seminaries
Osama Farrakhan Tyler Perry
Is it false imprisonment when we charged as hypocrites
We paying bills for the contradictions we living with
We falling ill we won’t appeal our sicknesses
This can’t be the will of the master this is ridiculous



Just to give You Glory I am me
With every ounce that I am I want all to see
I’m the nails in His hands and feet
I’m the sinner that put my Savior upon that tree
I’m the whips on His back I’m the thorns on His head
My actions are the reason why His blood was shed
I’m the sinner saying crucify
I’m the crowd saying let Barrabas go Jesus die
I’m the fickle Sunday Christian
Church on one day whole week sinning
Will you listen my sin nature shut that tomb
But it was love that in 3 days that my groom
Was back with life none other than Jesus Christ
Ain’t enough stacks in the world to pay that price
So with my life I gotta give Him all of me
With a cross on my back so you can call me t, Let’s get it

(chorus end)
Track Name: He's My King feat. Frances

See Jesus Christ Truth and life
See the souls that He saved see the lonesome nights
See the struggles that He dealth with in the garden
Hearts that were hardened but it was His love that pardoned
Me from my flesh and iniquity
And my hell bound legacy
But came down to earth and he took that away
Showed me a road and said walk this way
Before Aerosmith or DMC
You can Run with the world or run with me
I got a gift that was formed from a t
From the old rugged cross of calvary
So I dig down deep
And write for all the great men that came before me
That died for the cause and pushed for my progress
Success ain’t over night homie it’s a process

(Chorus - Francis)
He’s My King

Moved with compassion you fed 5000
Moved with compassion you went through browsing
Searching through the land for the sick and bereaved
So that you could work miracles for all who believed
Faith everyday I stand blessed by your grace
And now I stand on the Truth in your place
Knowing that you live through me
So that I can bring you Glory
Truly I, I feel blessed to speak
I just want to move out of the way and let you teach
If we search and seek through your divine parables
We’ll find that there’s no king even comparable
So radical punctual and tactical
No error ever spoken grammatically
Took 12 and mathematically
Multiplied and now I see, oh great King

(chorus end)
Track Name: Cross On My Back

When it’s time to hit the block we let the beat bang
Truth in the trunk just to back up our claim
But what we doing mayne ain’t about switching lanes
Hopping out sharing this Truth on our brain
White tee on with a hat no chain
We ain’t here for self but a whole different Name
Cross on our back representing the God mayne
One who died for us so that we escape flames
I represent the King but not T.I.
Rose from the grave unlike B.I (B.I.G.)
Lion of Judah Chief Cornerstone
Ain’t discriminating on what block you hang on
Trakaday in the building
Kingdom Minded Records got the Truth that we revealing
Changed my old ways like the color of a chameleon
Now I got Truth trying to push it to the millions


Cross on my back
Mic in my hand
Truth in my veins

That’s Why I stand
I rep the Son of Man

I represent the Name I gotta give it fame
I’m trying to share a message like yahoo or aim
My click unashamed like Acts 14
Tied up in Christ like a pair of shoestrings
I’m more than redeemed now the kid justified
Saved by Grace every word bonafied
In His Word I reside soaking up Truth
Spilling my heart every time I hit the booth
Yeah the kid living proof and let me tell you why
I committed sin and was destined to die
My debt was too high and I was on the run
Already beat like an 808 drum
But then came the Son who offered me freedom
Gave me some scripts and it was up to me to read em
And now I give Him Glory I gotta share His story
Cause I realized that he died on the cross for me


I’m in the lab right like six days a week
Scripts in my hands taking it to the streets
If I ain’t doing shows then I keep grinding
Cause if you look deep enough you’ll find people dying
Trapped in a system cults and religion
After social positions plagued my superstitions
So many hustles and get rich quick schemes
Material debt and living beyond our means
This a charge up but I ain’t Visa
I’m trying to paint a picture like the Mona Lisa
I’m wealthy and that’s even without money
And I’d still rep Christ if you took it all from me
I shine like Johnny but I don’t make grills
Or even ride chrome or blades on spinning wheels
I made my best deal when I signed with Christ
I bet you never heard a rapper getting signed for life
Track Name: The Name

I rep Christ name
One who came down and saved me mayne
Upon that cross from a burning flame
Buried in the tomb but now He reigns
Eternal King with a high throne
An angel was the first rolling stones
Not Keith not Mick nor Brian Jones
Way before microphones
See his poured scarlet
Covered the sins of the wicked harlot
That’s you that’s I that’s all of me
Even before fruit I was a fig tree

Rep the Name

Can I accomplish the dreams inside my mind
Can I ever be first to the finish line
I don’t need the accolades I just want to be me
I just want to be great like you said I’d be
My legacy to leave a generation that’s coming after me
With the Truth of the tree
I toil in the Word over Truth over beats
I’m running through wet grass with Grace as my cleats
I fall a lot get down on my knees and crawl a lot
Keep pushing for my dreams even when I doubt
Cause I know through Christ I will not He will not lose


Some say you can’t do it that you can’t be great
I’m a living testimony if you live by Faith
And you walk in Grace and you seek His face
It’s a constant pursuit and a worthy chase
Just keep your eyes on Christ
Cause some get caught up in living their own life
And some get caught up in glamour and big lights
And some get caught up in cribs and big ice
And some lose hope while trying to do right
And some get weak to early in the fight
But its aight grab a hold of my hand
We gone fight for Christ that’s a part of His plan

(chorus end)
Track Name: In Pursuit

See I love beats fact I’m infatuated
It was like 8th grade when we first dated
The way she dressed me up and help me pick my clothes
Helped me with my slang and the car I drove
Helped me with my shoes helped me with my friends
What I used to listen to enticed me to sin
See I didn’t even know it until I got saved
It was the blood of Christ that showed me my ways
I was so in love we had a good connection
She helped me with my moves and gave me direction
She helped me with my task she helped me with my mask
She helped me hide my insecurities with my wrath
I was on a bad path and she helped me hide
She dressed me up real good but I was dead inside
But then I realized that it was more than beats
It was the lyrical content that I would eat


What’s a beat without Christ
A beat without truth and a beat without life
I give my soul just to share this Truth
Got my track shoes on homeboy I’m in pursuit

Cribs money cars fame
I ain’t in this for the name
Represent Christ He’s the King that reigns
One who died for me so you know I’m unashamed
Tell me what good is a beat
Or this mic in my hand if I don’t use it to speak
Something positive so I acknowledge His
Grace and Mercy, Mercy and Grace
Got my track shoes on gotta see His face
While we trying to cop whips He took whips in place
Of a sinner like you and me
It was love that made Him bleed and cling to a tree
It was perfect King for imperfect me
It was something more than my eyes could see
It was God himself robed in the flesh
Took nails in His hands so that I could be blessed


I represent and give all that I am
Just to give praise to the Lion and the Lamb
I done fell enough times to be covered in mud
No scars on my body but I’m covered in the blood
See I run through life cause I’m trying to win
I’m like oil and water homie I ain’t trying to blend
Ephesians 5:10 it’s the Lord I seek to please
Don’t get trapped in the world like a rat with cheese
Ain’t nothing wrong with money its just some love it
Leading to jealousy and pride cause of what we covet
After worldly possessions and big things
When our first priority should be to seek the King
See if we love money then its gone lead to hell
But if we love God then its gone make us tell
Of His Goodness Grace and Mercy
I pursue you Lord cause you’re more than worthy
Track Name: Live Holy feat. Frances

(Chorus - Frances)

I know who you want me to be
And I know how tough it could be
To live Holy I want to live Holy

I remember sitting in my dorm I’d write all night
I had a passion and focus to pursue Christ
But somewhere along the way I lost it
And ran out of friends like water from a faucet
But it was Crys who was ride or die
She’s the apple of my eye and the reason why
I got saved at all I chase the call
8 years so beautifully flawed
Such a beautiful catastrophe
And she helped lead me to Calvary
And I done messed up a whole lot of times
And she’d be the one to help me find
My way back to the King
If I was young David she’d be my queen
In fact she’d be my sling
Cause she helps me knock down giants in my ring, called life


Back against the wall I know I gotta face this
Pull from the enemy but how can I escape this
Life of pride and lust and lies
And greed and envy and covet in my eyes
I need you and seek you lift and pursue you
Jireh provider Jesus Tsidkenu
God the Father Jehovah Shalom
How much longer before your kingdom come
I’m attached to the things of the flesh
Sin got a hold and I can’t find rest
How can I express the pain that so besets me
Like an old Nintendo Lord reset me
I’m plagued by the struggles of the days of my youth
I need a new foundation rooted in your truth
Can’t hide behind this suit or the clothes on my back
I need you Lord and that’s more than a fact


Its hard for me to write this song
Especially when I’m trying to make right my wrong
And I apologize the friends I’ve lost
And the friends that my sin cost
I ain’t perfect but I strive to be
More than some beautiful leaves on a fig tree
Lord, I just want to bear fruit
And if you live through me then put my life on mute
And I write for my mama
Write through the trials the struggles and drama
And I wonder
Does she really understand that I wouldn’t trade her for the world
She’s my pearl she’s so beautiful
And I know that the feeling is mutual mama
I love you mama
I thank Jesus for you

(chorus end)
Track Name: Kid In The King
From the book, Red Ink Poetry
Available at www.kmrecords.net
Track Name: Legacy of Greatness

Eyes to the Christ feet to the ground
Work hard daily trying to build this sound
Automatic rounds and I’m aiming them at you
The Gospel of Luke John Mark and Matthew
Truth yes nothing subliminal
I am a sinner yes I am a criminal
But I’m covered like a Florida Seminole
Cause truly the Son has shined on me
Cause who else would come and take whips for me
Who else would come and die on Calvary
Nada, cause we focused on the dollar
Manolo Blahniks Gucci Louis and Prada
Yes, this flow gets harder
I won’t follow the crowds I’m a social martyr
I want to leave a legacy
And make noise for the Christ and party like a revelry
Rebel C renegade living
And put it all on the line like Monty Kiffin
And let God coordinate
The righteous shall live by Faith
Track Name: Dare 2 Be Great

This is living life at its best this pursuit of purpose
Submarine living way below the surface
I worship in occasion might dance
Represent a legend but His name ain't Bagger Vance
Running this race trying to win like I was Lance
And pressing toward the higher mark like Tour de France
Cause its a race for life
If you with me then you in for the race of your life
Through struggle through pain through storm through rain
If you make it through the furnace you will never be the same
Dash for the prize but my name ain't Dame
This territory was conquered before we came
If you got victory scream
I'm following Christ lead I'm a part of the team
This is dream like Magic and Jordan
This for souls all across the globe that I'm here recording
Let's get it
Track Name: Let Them Know

See I represent the King cause you know I’m just a vessel
Twisted all up in His Word like a pretzel
Renegade to self you know that I’m a rebel
And feast in His Word trying to seek another level
Listen, I want to grow so I gotta let em know
That I represent Christ from my head to my toe
Script shoes on my feet fresh denim on my waist
White tee on my back with a fitted across my face
See I’m saved by Grace though my dress code blend
But my words and my actions keep em all tuned in
I’m a warrior fighting for the real Truth mayne
And I could care less if the world knows my name
I’m so against the grain I flow up river
And represent Jehovah but my name ain’t Jigga
Love beats like Dilla cause it’s all for Christ
For my God in Heaven I’ll give my life


Let em know
Why we stand up and why we rep Christ
Let em know
Why we die just to share our life
Let em know
Why I represent and why I’m in the booth
If we crucify flesh we can live for the Truth
Let em know (repeat)

See from the womb to the tomb I see His love and grace
Even when adversity was standing right in His face
I’m a Peter type cat I go to war for the King
Or similar to young David with a stone and a sling
It was Christ who said put down that sword you pack
I got a better way to get em and its right on my back
It’s a tree in the form of a lowercase t
I’m a walk humble in the flesh though the world can’t see
He was God in the flesh He’s everything I ain’t
World more than our diamonds or our money in the bank
Even Da Vinci couldn’t paint His utter perfection
Give everything I am just to rest in His presence
I’ll die for the Christ this is more than a show
This is more than a mic and a stage and nice flow
Man I gotta let em know that He paid the price
For my God in heaven I’ll give my life


See I ain’t scared to represent when I punch in the clock
When my life in homie that’s when I’ll punch out
I toil for the King this my chance to serve
From the rattle in your trunk to your corners and curves
Its my role homie I just want to play mine
I’m far from being perfect but I stay on the grind
Studying the Word seeking the Redeemer
And pushing for my dreams like Gilbert Arenas
I just want to live Holy and represent Christ
In a way that won’t bring any shame to my life
See I don’t know another man that will stand in my place
That will soup up this engine for this Nascar race
In His Word I embrace when I crash and burn
In this maze called life cause its filled with turns
It’s a struggle and a battle that I’m willing to fight
Just to share about Jesus cause He’s my life
Track Name: I Don't Know feat. Stevina Wyatt

(Chorus - Stevina Wyatt)

I don’t know why you love me so, me so
I don’t know why you love me so, me so

Lord why you love me so much
Even when I’m failing your love is prevailing
And when my loyalty fades
Your blood covers my sin like sun in some shades
Lord I need you more everyday
And want to represent you well in every single way
But lately feels like I’m struggling more than ever
And our relationship has been severed
Letters I write and recite
Blinded by self but with you I got light
There’s never been a fight so low or so tough for me
Like I’m at war in the dark and I can’t see
Compromise in you is where my comfort lays
Take the mask off Lord cause I can’t disguise
But with you I can share my heart
With Your Word to guide me I know that I can reach the mark


I don’t deserve your love God
Yet you keep loving me
I keep on doing wrong Lord
And you forgive me
I never understand and I may never know
But I thank you anyway for the awesome love you show


I can see your hearts weary soul cries
No more drama like Mary Blige
You disguise crying eyes
With designer shades but that ain’t wise
Your tired of life you’re fed up with stress
You want more out of life but its offering less
Let me show you the best something better than green
Cause ears haven’t heard nor eyes have seen
God’s plan to restore your dreams
Sin had a price but Christ redeems
Fallen man with His helping hand
Will give you everything you need to take a stand
To get back up when it gets tough
Like Jennifer Lopez enough’s enough
Diamond in the rough you are
It’s a process baby but soon you’ll outshine the stars

(chorus end)
Track Name: Fast Lane

Know its Christ who came and died upon that cross for me me me me
The one who bled and died upon that cross that tree tree tree tree
Can you feel why I spit it rip it give it all that I got
Cause I know He died for my pride and its dark and hell is hot
So I stand for the Truth I live for the Truth every time I go
Laid in the tomb for three days but I know He rose
Humbled himself for me gotta give my God Glory
Gave up my dreams and my plans so that I could tell His story
Jesus Christ only in His early thirties
Carried the cross so that we could stand man I’m so unworthy
Good God died for me so that I could see the Truth
Gambling with life in that fast lane like Phil Helmuth
So I speak it and teach it give it all I got mayne
So I live it and teach it give it all I got mayne
Know He died upon that cross
Know He died upon that cross
Know He died upon that cross
Know He died upon that cross, drums


When I was in that fast lane about to crash mayne
Driven by my sinful nature He came down and blessed me mayne
That’s why I speak the Truth cause I could’ve crashed and burned
But what would I have earned but the right to bear my own stripes
Upon that cross so that my life would be an open book
So read it we need it the way of Christ teach it
I don’t really have to speak it just let my life preach it
So what’s so attractive about that fast lane
Track Name: Soul Cry feat. Frances

(Chorus - Frances)

My soul cries out for you
My soul cries out
My soul cries out for you
My soul cries out

Scooped from the soil formed from some particles
Shaped by my peers in many magazine articles
Driven to succeed trying to fulfill needs
Focused on the road in which the narrow path leads
The ink bleeds from my pen while my heart cries
Blurred from the stressors of life
The vision of my youth is marked by my passion
Writing out my life like a screenplay in action
His love everlasting
Picked up the pieces of a broken soul, and said behold
I got plans for your life to prosper
He sit me on the bench a few years and said learn from the roster
Like a doctor to a patient He prescribed me the wisdom of old
And gave the blueprint for my soul
And said go build I look to the hills from which cometh my help, my help
And my soul cries


My soul cries out for you Lord
And I want to dwell in your presence

Modern day philosophy and all types of peer pressure
Soul crying out but the world has it in a stretcher
State of emergency the enemy is telling me
Squeeze on this trigger but I figure
I’d rather let one pull end it
Satan won’t tell you God can mend this
Brokenness you feeling deep down
Trapped in this merry-go-round called life
Twisted explicit but some say exquisite
It could still be but we’ve missed it
That fact that even though our trains off track
God can put it back
Addicted like crack to the culture of this error
And plagued by insecurities of terror
This war we been fighting been going on in my head for some time
So I guess we’re just casualties of time
Pantomime silence we magnify violence
And wonder why our kids are so used to hearing sirens
This modern day tyrant we call it the media
Before you leave the mirror think twice of what it’s feeding you mayne


Though my flesh tries to overtake my passion to stand
My faith reaches out to the grace of His hands
Scrap the old me cause I got new plans
With a midi keyboard and a mic in my hand
I’m trying to get inside mind and paint a portrait
I would paint the reason that I live but can’t force it
Can you imagine walking miles in the street
Humiliated and beat cause our faith we can’t see
To the point where you can’t be recognized
All because of sinful man wrestling with pride
I don’t want to be right if it cost my soul
And rather be wrong and say God behold
I’m a sinner in search of a better place
And searching for the Truth of your amazing grace
I’m a sinner in search of a better place
And searching for the Truth of your amazing grace
Track Name: Perseverance

Been through pain been through storm and rain
Took a lot of perseverance to keep calling His name
Part was shame part was like how in the Name
Of Jesus Christ could I become shackled in chains
Part was lost part was like Lord where are you
I’m stuck in the mud no need to argue
I’m calling out to you I know I sinned
Now I’m seeing it in my rearview
I want wisdom to match my passion
And I want what I speak to match my actions
There’s much satisfaction in walking upright
With my face at your feet and my eyes on the light
I fight to stay pure but the lure of satan
Is appealing to the flesh while I endure with patience
Trying to march to the cadence of your Holy Spirit
Feel deaf sometimes like I can’t hear Him
But I know you’re here with me
Even when I lose my way and I fail to see
I know you’re here with me
When no one else hears me I know that you hear my plea


Pain perseverance dedication
My motivation
To get back up when I fall and continue to fight
Shake it off and keep seeking the Light

See this road I travel this narrow path
This hook this verse this could be my last
Each beat I create I contemplate
Can I capture the pain and the struggle it takes
For me to share my soul it all unfolds
See Christ His life His path I chose
His love His cross His amazing grace
I read I struggle trying to find my place
I struggle I fall I stand I praise
He puts me on track when I lose my way
Jumpman MJ I shoot this Truth
Inside the ark like Noah b-ball this deuce
I was covered in sin face down in mud
I laid in it for a minute then I got back up
I’m a fine knit fabric that’s woven with grace
He chose me first then I chose to chase
I was led to a place that gave me peace
If I could draw a picture to make you see
Never would I ever draw a picture of me
I try to trace the greatest man in history
Over 2000 years he pioneered and pave this road for me
Can’t you see Christ is alive and well
He’s the one that picks me up every time I fail


Where I’m weak I boast cause I’m just a man
Cause some build me up trying to make me grand
I fall I stumble I hurt sometimes
I struggle trying to live out what I rhyme
It’s a daily fight like the New York Times
Cause the enemy is constantly at my mind
When I look at Christ and His dedication
His life His love is my motivation
To stand up and fight it’s a confrontation
Trying to put my lifestyle in direct relation
Like who can I talk to bout being depressed
Like here’s a Christian leader but His life is a mess
Can this superman mask get old some times
Can I just be Clark Kent
I’m far spent on trying to be a pleaser of man
In Jesus I take my stand, warrior baby

(chorus end)
Track Name: Chase The King


I chase the King like the world chase doe
I chase the King like the world chase doe
I chase the King like the world chase doe
They be like ‘get money’ I be like ‘I gotta grow’

I’m a Christ junkie I like to read books
More than I like recording and writing hooks
I’m convinced that finding Christ
Is worth more than money big whips and ice
Yeah that car look nice and them clothes look good
But how can that compare to Christ and His wood
Truth music its time that we bring it back
Like VHS cassette tapes and 8 tracks
Way back like black and white TVs
Before Hi-Res blue ray and DVDs
Good music something that will edify
With a new slogan like rep Christ or die
But we too focused trying to get rich
I ain’t Andre but I’m an outcast and a misfit
See I ain’t here just to get cake
It’s only one day out the year that I celebrate my birthdate


I chase the Christ like the world chase doe
And I ain’t Trip Lee but I know I gotta grow
Man I gotta let em know who sits high on the throne
Putting Christ over beats courtesy of T Stone
So I brag about the King
Like artist on TV brag about bling
Savior Creator truth penetrator
God in the flesh served man like a waiter
So how much more should I serve He
If He could humble himself and wash my feet
I got a long way to go man gotta get low man
Washed by His blood now I’m whiter than a snowman
But my name ain’t Weezy
But I want to be like my daddy please believe me
And I know some think I’m ill
But I’ll die on my way like road kill


See He who loves money never has enough
And his chase for it becomes his handcuffs
Consumed by pride and greed
Thinking he gone get to heaven cause a few good deeds
Please, cause money can’t get you in
The same way that mankind can’t erase his sin
But let me flip it for a minute let me twist my theme
Cause Solomon said wisdom and money solves everything
So money ain’t bad but if it replace Dad
Then we in a position to make Him mad
See Moses witnessed this event firsthand
When the people made a god out of contraband
A golden calf to replace the King
Lets take a macro look at this messed up scene
If God had not shown us His grace
Then fast forward to today we’d be in the same place

(chorus end)
Track Name: Mic Pass
Check out www.kmrecords.net for more info about new music from the Red Ink.
Track Name: Crash The Gospel


Cross on my back mic in my hand
Truth in my veins I rep the Son of Man

I lay down my life for the Gospel of Jesus Christ
And He ain’t Bob Barker but the price is right
I’m a renegade to self a social martyr
Go to war with a few like them boys from Sparta
I’m a warrior from project corners to foyers
Biting these mics like a Georgetown Hoya
Unashamed of Christ for God I die
I was born to be a pilot man I’m ready to fly
This Truth right into the lives of the youth
This Truth right into this mic and this booth
This Truth destroying the pride of man
From the cost of the cross is where we take our stand
In Jesus the Christ is where we build our brand
I’m reminded of His death from the scars in His hands
Gone take a lot more to stop me from giving Him Glory
So I lay aside my life just to share His story, Let’s Go


I treat my life like a plane I’m a crash it smash it
Right into your life for you to pass this Jurassic
Message of one man one plan one Truth
One mic is all I need check one two
If I have to I’ll repeat it
Some of us sleeping through life like a posterepedic
Don’t waste it one life to live man face it
Death is for those who selfishly embrace it
To live on my own is to die
To give it to Christ is like wings to fly
I’m ready to crash my life in the Gospel mayne
So here’s the vision for my soul let me make it plain
I’m trying to dig deep in the life of Christ
And bury my life within
Or I can live in sin and hope that He lets me in
When this whole thing comes to an end
But it won’t happen


Turn my mic up and let my 808s bang
Cross on my back cause I represent the Name
Kingdom Minded Records is the label that I claim
Went from a wide road to a different lane
Ride with me and I ain’t TI or 50
But I roll with the King will you roll with me
I’m squad up from Texas to NY
And roll with some God chasers who ain’t scared to die
Fact we ain’t scared to fly this truth
And crash it in the lives of the streets and the youth
You won’t catch me in a suit but jeans and white tees
Fitted on my dome with some Nikes or white Ree’s
No chain on no big ice
But let my whole life shine through Jesus Christ
We like checkers cause we all about the King
With a new life in Christ we got jerseys for the team

(chorus end)