Crown of Thorns - Chopped and Screwed EP

by Red Ink Army

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released May 2, 2009

All songs published by Kingdom Minded Records, LLC



all rights reserved


Red Ink Army Fort Worth, Texas

The Red Ink Army is a group of believers who strive to live out the Gospel daily.

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Track Name: He's Good (chopped and screwed)
[ [ [ Chorus ] ] ]

I'm just thinkin bout God and how he gave his son
Laid down His life for all the wrong I've done.
He's good (that's right) God is good
Said I'm just thinkin bout God and how He gave His son
Laid down His life for all the wrong I've done
He's good,(that's right) God is so good

[ [ [ Unbreakable ] ] ]

Selling weed to my lil homie's sack after sack
Helping assist the devil just so I can make a stack
Lying to these women just to lay'em on they back
Telling them what they wanna hear like I'm some kind of mack
Man it's clear to see I was totally off track
But God stepped in and got me hooked like crack
I know Gods' good so so good
He protected me from harm while I was thuggin' in the hood
I could've been dead sleeping in my grave
Or locked behind bars working like a slave
But He chose me and set me apart
Gave me another chance to go ahead and start playing my part
That's why He's worthy of the honor He's worthy of my day's
He's worthy of every moment I got to give him praise
He's been loving me every single second of my life
And to prove it He died and He gave His own life, He's good!

[ [ [ Channel ] ] ]

Never has there been one greater
The one passed Truth through my veins you think He played point for the Lakers
Cause liker Derek I'm a fisher
Sharing these Kodak moments hoping you get the picture
Cheese got us bowing to our knees
Rather pass at the chance of life, Drew Breeze
Hard times got us so twisted
The love of money is like crack and we all addicted
Prison cells full of good people
But we've robbed of our status by our appetite for sins evil
Aborted pregnancies and gang violence
Suicide and gun wars I'm tired of hearing street sirens
Silence for all of those who lost their life today
And to their families searching for a better day
There's a better way
That put the crown of thorns upon his head and He wore it like a toupee
Touché share truth like its (e)touffer
I got that Living Water boy Bobby Boucher
Forever and a day
I'm like a big screen TV I'm trying to put His name on display
But I'm in dismay
Cause the Bible is black and white in areas that we tend to paint grey
Cause He is Christ
If loving Him is wrong I don't want to do right
He's Good!

[ [ [ The Vessel ] ] ]

I wanna talk about G-O-D
And how to me He's been g-o-o-d
Was living high of life bout to sho' O-D(overdose)
With my future headed to "Memphis" it was oh so "Bleak"
Till I teamed up with R-O-C to the K
Told me that it wasn't all bout me like "Doe-ray"
Sin had my head all twisted like croshe
The path to God's a one way I was headed the wrong way
My ways was so tainted the roads had no pavement
Man, I'm so grateful my Savior showed grace
Cause I thought that I could run from the charges like O.J.
I only showed more guilt with my Bronco sprint
But cause of Jesus He acquitted like the glove don't fit
That's why I'm thankful that His blood homie, was poured on me
To wash my black soul whiter than snow
He's the light that shines and I'm just the pole, Unbreakable
Track Name: He's My King (chopped and screwed)
[ [ [ Chorus ] ] ]

He's My King (repeat)

[ [ [ Channel ] ] ]

Listen, He's my King like Arthur
Famous star and and strapped with him like Travis Barker
But I march to a whole different drum beat
Cause He's stronger in areas that I'm week
Defeat is not an option baby
I dance through trials like I'm Patrick Swayze
And yes I'm dirty
Cause he took a sinner like me and cleaned me up and made me clergy
I'm a renegade I will not quit
I'm on the field for him I will not quit
He's is my pick
Not 50 nor T.I. or Wayne or Jay-Z but my click
Is Elijah, Sizzle, and Vessel
And a bunch of more KMR rebels
And we got shovels cause everyday we dig our own grave
Outcast for Christ like Andre 3k (get em)

[ [ [ Sizzle ] ] ]

Let me tell you bout my king the Lord God Jehovah
His truth is the path so let him guide you over
He is the foundation on which we stand
A river of living water our daily bread
The provider banner
healer lantern
bigger better
than lights or your cameras
King Jesus the standard, the world's a stick shift
too complicated and always changing gears
Im trying gear your ears to the truth that we spill
and show the whole world why unashamed is how we live
Jesus representatives screaming 'WE REP CHRIST'
cause the wages of sin is death 'We want life'
And that more abundantly, his return is soon to come
So make way for the King
Your time is running out better fall to your knees
And bow before the Lord cause He's my King

[ [ [ The Vessel ] ] ]

Let's get straight to the subject where are the subjects
Who subject to pay honor to the Lord of Lords
Please let me just suggest
That all hail King Jesus cause He reigns(rains) like thunderstorms
And the rain is likely gonna pour
But I'mma ride cause He controls the rains(reins?) like I'm on a horse
Your waters troubled then the Master can calm'em
Before Michael Phelps Jesus mastered the water.
Yeah, so please submit like an application
What's the point in reading scripts without the application
You got a job and Christ the employer
Incomes the Spirit when you doing the Lord's work.
Be not afraid and not worried.
Of Peace He the Prince so he reign (rain) like purple
So I bow like curtsy cause He's God.
Even the world's royalty will bow from Lebron James to T.I.

[ [ [ tha messenger ] ] ]

An urbanized pheasant telling legends of a King
His domain is everything from Venus to Beijing
Positioned high on the right like an exponent
Submission was his ammunition perplexing opponents
A physician to those in tradition and the wicked
Removing all gray areas like lottery tickets
There's only one way, like downtown streets
A scarlet carpet of blood is trailed from His feet
So unique. Strong when I'm weak, He's fervent
I worship the Master who would rather be a servant
Or a surgeon urgently urging men
To let him operate on their stony hearts to remove sin
Which holds us back like friends do when a fight starts
But Christ set us free, so call us torn apart
That's what sets him apart from any other king
It's like a trial and I'm a witness to the joy he brings
Track Name: We Ride (chopped and screwed)
[ [ [ Chorus ] ] ]

We live(echo)
We ride (echo)
We live(echo)
To Rep Christ
Oooo, ayyy! (echo)

[ [ [ Sizzle ] ] ]

See we a Red Ink Calvary, trying to lead these souls to the blood on Calvary
Cause it is there where Christ came and salvage these
Murderers, hustlers, and gangster wanna-be's
Im trying to lift His name higher than a alley be
So you can vividly view the King that dwells in me
The pictures painted so beautifully
You would think Michelangelo, or Da Vinci
A blood stained canvas equipped with nails
A tomb with no stone, and keys to hell
See it was Romans 12, verse 13
I gotta share this Word cause you are in need
See we sold out from our heads to our feet
And we take His Truth and we put it over beats
24/7, 365, we represent Christ and this is how we ride

[ [ [ Elijah ] ] ]

For Sale sign on my heart shows I need a buyer
They laughing at me, cause my life resembles flat tires
Before the purchase He checked me for loose wires
Changed my life's tags before they expired
Nails, Cross, Thorns, Blood is how I was acquired
Since the exchanged my Blue Book doubled in Value
Windows roll down call his name even louder
Comes when I need him like "Kit" from Knight Rider
Floor Matts Linered the Face of Jehovah Jirah
God my provider, He's my designated driver
Together we ride, others stop and admire
His Love so deep I call him "The Insider"
Got a grip on my Life like it was steering column
He's known as "The Way" so I sit back and follow
I'm going to a place that's Spiritually Higher
Interior match exterior is what He requires

[ [ [ [ tha messenger ] ] ]

We ride with our hands up like amusement parks
Amazed that He sparked our hearts amused we park
In the grace of Christ Son of the Beholder
Who Rose like a dozen Jalen and shrugged shoulders
My life is in Jehovah's palm like a Treo
He died up on a tree yo, so we could be redeemed bro
We're on a joy ride with the King we glorify
Your 24's are minimized because our God is maximized
All Sufficient, El Shaddai Sovereign Father Adonai
He redefines the feeble minds that blinds the eyes of mankind
So if we're passin ya, we're designated passengers
Whose riding with the Master bruh, trying to get you answers
Out of passages that rep His name
We walk so deep in Jesus, we leave footprints in His veins
Switch lanes!
Cause He's inviting you with motives to disciple you
And all the sin you like to do, will soon be sin you used to do